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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Handmaster Plus Hand Strength "How It Started"

Dr. Terry Zachary originally developed the Handmaster Plus in response to a professional golfer's injury, while playing professional golf in California in 1996. A fellow player had developed a painful condition known as tennis elbow and sought advice. Upon interview, Dr. Zachary observed that the player’s hand muscle strength exercise included only flexion (squeezing a racquet ball with fingers and thumb) exercise, with no extension nor abduction exercise. This resulted in the player developing a finger and hand muscle imbalance (causing elbow joint imbalance) while not supporting healthy tone and blood flow to the extensor muscles, tendons and tissues of the elbow. Dr. Zachary soon developed his first working prototype resulting in full relief of the condition. Now, in 2008, the Handmaster Plus is distributed around the world and is used on all major professional golf tours for finger, thumb, hand, wrist, forearm & elbow strength and stability!

See Dr. Zachary's Golf Grip & Hand Strength video for golf:

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