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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Guitar Soloist has Questions

I've been playing a piece Solfeggetio #3 by CPE Bach which requires some wide extension (in order to preserve the economoy picking pattern). These extension arpeggios have caused my Lefthand fingers to regularly go numb in the tips and whole finger. Will this product cure this issue? Do i have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I'm 33 and have never experienced anything like this no matter how crazy the speed or extensions were in my playing. Thanks for your help Dr here's me playing it:

Firstly, impressive playing. We work with bands through GHS Strings (our brand partner in music) and numbness is a common issue that we deal with.
There are two reasons why.
The first, of course is the carpal tunnel (and carpal tunnel syndrome). The carpal tunnel is at your wrist, is a passage about the size of your thumb and through it passes 9 flexor tendons, including the flexor tendons you require to play guitar. Through the tunnel also passes the median nerve, which supplies sensory information from 3 ½ of your fingers (pinky to medial half of index finger) back to your brain. When these flexor tendons inflame from intense use (or over-use), the tunnel space is compromised and the median nerve is affected, causing numbness. The strain on the flexor tendons through the tunnel is worse when the wrist is also in flexion (as in intense guitar solos or bass guitar methods. Anyone who uses their fingers for regular flexion is at risk for eventual carpal tunnel problems. Carpal tunnel problems are worse if the finger extensor (hand opening) and wrist extensor muscles & tendons are not trained properly. These are the muscles that support any flexor tendon action (the extensor tendons are working just as hard as the flexor tendons (see If the extensors are strong, there is less stress on the flexor tendons.
The second reason is blood flow & lymph drainage. Guitarists do not move their hand regularly through maximum ranges of motion (meaning fully open & fully close their hands) while playing/practicing etc. Therefore, they establish less than max blood flow (the body responds equivalent to regular requirements). Blood flow to and from the body’s tissues is what keeps the tissues healthy.
Okay, a lot of babble, but here’s what regular use of Handmaster Plus (See does: 1. Strengthens and balances all hand, wrist forearm muscles 2. Establishes maximum blood flow to the tissues of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, keeping these tissues as healthy as possible.
Music injuries are so common and yet few musicians understand the mechanics involved. I’m glad to see musicians such as you taking interest. Please educate others. Guitar especially is an intense physical activity and challenge to the body. We must train guitarists and musicians properly!

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