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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Musician Recovering From Tendonitis

Hey, Im just recovering from tendonitis and was wondering if your product could be helpful in keeping it from coming back.

Thanks for your q. The answer is, absolutely. Once cleared for rehabilitation from your health care professional, your goals should be 3-fold (for any injury rehab): Re-establish 1. strength, 2. balance, & 3. blood flow (blood flow gets nutrients & oxygen to the site of the injury & removes waste products of the repair & rehab process). Handmaster Plus accomplishes this for any hand, wrist & elbow injury using only a few simple exercises (that can be done almost anywhere). Before Handmaster Plus, these hand & wrsit exercise rehab routines were awkward & incomplete, used many items & required the patient to memorize many different exercises. The result was often non-complance. The other problem with conventional hand, wrist & elbow rehab & exercise programs is that they only addressed flexion (gripping) & ignored finger & thumb & often wrist extension. Handmaster Plus allows easy access to complete rehabilitation protocols for finger, thumb, hand, wrsit & elbow injury recovery. Visit for more information.

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