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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Pole Fitness - A New Exercise Trend

I have received questions regarding a new fitness trend, pole fitness; a great for health & vitality, but prepare your body properly... injuries can occur. Here is one example...

I just received my HandMaster set yesterday and I love it! I do pole fitness and was told that I have golfer's elbow. The poles I use are 2" in diameter, so it's not as closed as the grip on a club. He gave me a cortizone shot and told me to stretch and do forearm curls. He wanted me to work up to 3 sets of 15 reps at 25lbs. I can do the weight but my elbow doesn't feel 100%. I feel like I'm getting more out of your ball. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, V

Thanks for your feedback. Your are definitely involved in a wonderful program for fitness, but it is a repetitive gripping activity. These activities lead to hand, wrist & elbow imbalance because the finger & wrist flexor muscles eventually dominate the extensor muscles. Hand, wrist & elbow problems are common when there is no effort to learn about the muscular & prepare properly for your activity. Handmaster Plus will strengthen & balance both the flexors and the extensors & maximize blood flow to all tissues.Visit & download 'Instructions (5 languages). Read the instructions, then focus on 'Hand and Wrist:" AND 'Wrist and Forearm:' exercises. Only exercise until comfortable fatigue each day. Be consistent. For therapy, I suggest contacting an ART practitioner (, who are wonderful dealing with extremity problems.

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