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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wrist Fracture Rehabilitation

We get questions from our YouTube video presentations. This one is near and dear to my heart & super important... I've seen family, patients & close friends heal improperly after they had wrist/finger/thumb fractures... it is one reason we developed our soft version of the handmaster Plus... to provide proper & convenient rehabilitation after a finger, thumb, hand or wrist fracture...

Q: would this work for a wrist fracture?

A: Handmaster Plus is the item of choice in rehabilitating a wrist fracture.
Note first that, after a wrist fracture, stability is most important, blood flow is next important, then strength and balance is next...
Firstly, get approval from your surgeon/therapist/health care practitioner that it is safe to begin rehabilitation. The injured area must be stable enough to handle resistance, even small resistance. Be patient. Allow your body to do its initial healing job.
Once your practitioner recommends rehab, make sure that they plan/approve your method. They will consider not only strength, but also muscle balance & blood flow. Many wrist fracture patients are left on their own & use a grip ball (flexion only). The result is a chronic imbalance between flexor/extensor muscles, limited blood flow & limited joint range of motion (ROM). Handmaster Plus allows any patent to address strength, balance & blood flow, all in a few easy, complete & convenient exercises. See for more infomation.

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