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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Handmaster Plus - Baseball Pitcher/Pitching Exercises

We get a lot of emails regarding baseball pitchers and elbow injuries. It is my strong belief that traditional training is harmful to pitcher's elbows as they neglect half of the muscles that affect the hand, wrist & elbow...especially the elbow, that is so greatly stressed on most pitches. Proper training exercises are a must to ward off micro-tears and adhesions that chronically make the elbow less flexible & weak. Here is an example of one of our emails...

Q: I was wonderIng If any stores carry the hand master plus I belIeve u call It, I mIght be wrong, anyways I was wonderIng that. Im a pItcher and Ive had problems wIth my elbow when I was 14 I hyper extended my elbow and just about 5 months ago I threw and I started to feel paIn the next day. I had x rays done but nothIng showed up just InflamatIon. I dont beleIve Its anythIng too bad that I dId to It cause Ive been doIng some excersIses lately and Its starIng to feel a lIttle better. I belIeve Its got to do somethIng wIth tennIs elbow. any recomendatIons would be great. thank you please reply!

Reply: Thanks for you q. The best place to buy Handmaster Plus Is onlIne at, as you can buy the 3-pack for under $20, just a bIt more than the prIce of 1. As for elbow strength, health & performance, we have been workIng In baseball for 7 years. It Is vItal to strengthen the stabIlIzer muscles (whIch are fInger & wrIst extensor muscles) thru full ranges of motIon. By strengthenIng extensor muscles, the athlete gaIns maxImum balance & blood flow (both are vItal for elbow strength/performance/health/rehab) at the hand, wrIst & elbow. Handmaster Plus Is portable & makes these exercIses very easy to do (see InstructIons Also, as a pItcher, you can mImIc ur grIp for varIous pItches, then flex, then extend. ThIs traIns the actIve muscles & supportIve muscles & allows you to control grIp pressure wIth least effort. All pItchers would greatly benefIt from Handmaster Plus In theIr traInIng, addressIng modern prIncIples of grIp, grIp traInIng & muscle balance.

Let me know If I can assIst further.


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