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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Musicians: Why Train Extensor Muscles? Handmaster Plus vs. Gripsaver

I get this question all of the time regarding finger & wrist extensor muscle training. Years ago, we used to neglect core training for posture and body health, and now it is all the rage; and getting more well understood. The same principle is true for the hand, wrist & forearm. Core muscles stabilize all hand actions, improving performance & preventing injury. The idea of squeeze products are becoming archaic, and with that change, extensor tendinitis is becoming a 'thing of the past.' Why?

Hi there. I'm a guitar player and am considering buying this product, but I was just wondering in what ways your product is superior to the gripmaster which isolates individual fingers? Thanks.

The #1 music injury is finger/wrist extensor tendinitis. Why overuse of these extensor muscles?Finger/wrist extensor muscles work JUST as hard as flexors in music, but a different role. These muscles support finger flexors. If they didn't, your hands would collapse (why most fatigue happens). They are the 'core muscles' of the hand/wrist. Train them to max performance & min injury. Gripmaster does not train extensor muscles thru full ROM, causing static extensor muscles. One must also consider muscle tone & balance issues between the 9 closing muscles of the hand and the 9 opening muscles of the hand, and how this will affect the hand, wrsit, forearm and elbow.




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