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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hand Soreness In Gamers - Handmaster Plus Training

Hello Doczac. I like to ask you something. I just like ask you a few things. I still been using your product and may hands still have some soreness or small aches in my hands. I like to ask you a few questions to hear your thoughts. 1. I like to play games a lot but I am always aware of the time in my own unique way. I know when I feel a confortable fatique or the type of game i play, i know when to take a break. Of course the way my hands have bother has made it where I feel small aches. I like to ask you this to make sure i'm using hte product right in your opinion. If I used hte product before I played, then after an hour, i stop, use the product, give my hands a 10-15 minute break, then i continue to play for another hour and then use the product again, would that be ok. I have it where I usually play games for at least two hours but wondering if this would work without overdoing on the product. I like to say its hard for some games to stop completely and save. I play a lot of RPG games like final fantasy . Does that sound good in your opinion

Thanks for your q. I have to say firstly, that I am not a gamer, nor have treated gamers in particular. I have done gamer sEMG studies and compare the activity to a dentist or a surgeon in that it appears to be small range of motion, low force movements, with finger extensor muscles (back of the hand and forearm) being very active to 'support' any action where the finger flexors (front of the hand and forearm) are active (in gripping the stick or pressing a button = scalpel, drill, etc.).
The finger extensors must be trained properly through regular, full range of motion (ROM) exercise. Otherwise, they will eventually develop into a tight, static, adhesed muscle bunch (easy to injure) because they contract only in one static position when you play or use your hand in any way. They stabilize in one position. This extensor muscle problem happens over time and then seemingly unrelated injuries (to the hand, wrist, forearm & elbow) start. Handmaster Plus ensures that these muscles stay healthy, toned and elongated - very important for performance and injury prevention.
The flexor muscles can be injured from direct repetition activity and is usually easier for most people to understand. Because they are used through small ROM's they have a tendency to shorten repetitively, in turn adhesing, cramping & reducing blood flow.
So, in training, regular use (hourly) of Handmaster Plus is acceptable and will stimulate circulation, as well as elongated, balanced, toned muscles (between both finger & thumb flexor and extensor). If you use your hands, you must exrcise them through full ROM regularly if you expect to maximize performance & prevent injury.
One thing to add is to only use Handmaster Plus until you feel a comfortable fatigue each time. You appear to be using your hands a lot. They do need time to recover, so your Handmaster Plus sessions should be comfortable, not exhaustive.
Make sense?
Also, if your hand discomfort does not subside completely, you may have already developed adhesions from previously gaming & repetition. It is possible that this will subside after more time using Handmaster Plus. If not, I recommend ART therapy (see to find a therapist in your area), the experts in muscle adhesion and release.

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