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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hand Strength & Kinetic Chain Stabilization

This is a segment I sent to one of our writers who asked about hand and finger strength and how to stabilize his hands...

Kinetic chain stabilization is a term that is not popular yet because most people think segmentally, not of the 'whole.'
When I tell you to strengthen finger & wrist extensor muscles, it is because they contract statically (in one position) to support finger activity (as in gaming). If they are never trained properly (Handmaster Plus) thru full ROM's, they become static and injure easily (cramping, tendinitis, tennis elbow, etc.). The finger extensor muscles are the first (or the last depending on perspective) of the kinetic chain to stabilize the activity of gaming.
Remember also that the biceps/triceps stabilize the lower arm, then the shoulder girdle stabilizes the upper and lower arm, then the torso muscles stabilize the shoulder and arm, then the core muscles (stomach, back & pelvic) stabilze the torso, shoulder and arm.
See that there is a kinetic chain that acts to stabilize computer and gaming activity, just like any other activity. Anywhere where the kinetic chain is weak, there is more responsibility placed somewhere else and more likely chance for injury.
People think it is strange, but it is not... if you are a gamer, or work at the computer alot, it is important to have hands, arms, shoulders, torso and core in strong balanced condition. This makes finger activity stronger, quicker, & less chance of injury.
Handmaster Plus addresses the important kinetic chain component of hand, wrist forerarm & elbow better than any other product, but keep in mind that it is only part of your training if you expect to remain strong and injury free.
Make sense?
Pass it along...

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