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Monday, October 26, 2009


Baseball Pitcher, Tommy John Surgery Rehabilitation & Handmaster Plus

Here is an important discussion regarding baseball pitching, proper training and exercise and Tommy John surgery rehabilitation and Handmaster Plus for recovery:

Q: Dear Handmaster Plus:

I had Tommy John Surgery (UCL reconstruction) about ten weeks ago. I saw your product online and was wondering if it would beneficial for baseball players and other throwing athletes? If so which exercises would be the most beneficial? Thanks.

Thank you for your q. Yes, I have a strong belief that all baseball players (pitchers especially) should be using Handmaster Plus as a standard training tool. Definitely, as you rehabilitate from your Tommy John surgery, strength, balance and blood flow through exercise will be vital in your complete recovery.

The reason I am so adamant about Handmaster Plus for pitchers is that all pitchers are in an imbalance situation when we consider flexor muscle tone vs. extensor muscle tone (grip vs. open hand). Repetition (gripping a ball), training (weights gripped etc) and even daily activities (grasping) lead to shortening of the muscles on the flexor side of the wrist and forearm and thus lead to elbow imbalance. Handmaster Plus easily allows any athlete to strengthen and balance these muscles (flexor v. extensor muscles of hand and wrist) properly through full ROM’s.

If the flexor muscles of the fingers and wrist are tight, the leading (medial) portion of the elbow is easily injured during the throw due to accumulation of force, similar to the right elbow of a right handed golfer during a golf shot. The medial elbow must be both strong and supple to absorb the force - which only comes with proper balance between flexor and extensor muscles of the forearm.

Note that the extensor muscles also support the grip, so they must be strong for your grip control on the ball and for reasons of fatigue.

To summarize, the best exercises for pitchers to train OR to rehabilitate from Tommy John surgery will be 1,2 to begin and 1,2 and 3 once you are very strong. See . Note: Make sure you are cleared by your health care professional to begin exercising.

Pitchers can also grip the ball according to pitch type (finger & thumb position on the ball) and squeeze, followed by complete extension (opening of the hand) to offset imbalance and strengthen extensors that stabilize these grip positions… this exercise is for when you are completely rehabilitated and ready to train specifically using exercise. But they will give you great finger and pitch grip control.


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