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Friday, November 6, 2009


Finger Extensor Exercise During Hand Exercise -Why?

The basics of the hand exercise have been relatively known for some time yet have never been emphasized in exercise, therapy or rehabilitation. Traditionally, the rice box exercise satisfied the needs of all of the hand muscles. In the rice box exercise the patient or athlete submerced their hand into a box of rice, squeezed against the resistance of the rice, and then opened the hand also against the resistance of the rice. The problem with the rice box exercise is that it was very immobile. This marked the eventual extinction of the rice box exercise. What a shame!

Since the extinction of the rice box exercise, finger extension exercises have been largely overlooked in place of flexion only exercises. As we eventually find out, nature never makes a mistake. The finger muscles play a very important role and cannot go ignored, or problems will develop.

So what is the role of the finger extensor muscles?

The finger extensor muscles play two very important roles. Obviously their first role is to act to extend of the fingers. Notice that there are not a lot of activities where we are required to extend our fingers, especially in comparison to the amount of activities that require us to flex our fingers as in gripping or holding. This creates the tendency for an inherent muscle imbalance. This imbalance alone reminds us to exercise our extensor muscles in order to simply prevent imbalance. Flexion vs. extension is a common imbalance throughout the body and the hands are no exception.

The second and vital and a mostly unknown role of the finger extensor muscles is in the role of support. Each time the finger flexor muscles contract to perform a function or motion, the finger extensor muscles contract equally and cooperatively to stabilize the finger flexion actions. This is a why we can feel tension at the outside of our elbow when we make a fist or simply perform any finger flexion action.

The Handmaster Plus hand exercise product of was designed to recreate and improve the exercise of the rice box, yet to allow mobility. The Handmaster Plus device can be carried anywhere as it is small and a portable. It will allow the patient or athlete or worker to exercise almost anywhere.

The Handmaster Plus exercise product allows the user to strengthen their finger and thumb flexor and extensor muscles naturally through three dimensions with the resistance leading to strength, muscle balance and maximum blood flow to the tissues involve. Nine of muscles close the hand and nine muscles open the hand. Handmaster Plus allows the user to strengthen all hand muscles through their full range of motion in one exercise. And, unlike are rice box, it is fully portable!

Whether you are an athlete, a musician, a worker who uses their hands daily, or just a hobbyist who uses their hands daily, it is vital to learn about proper hand exercise and preparation. Repetitive injuries and performance problems inevitably result from imbalance without knowledge of the hand muscles.

To learn more about the Handmaster Plus hand exercise product, go to or to and contact us if you have any questions regarding hand, wrist, forearm or elbow strengthening, balancing for rehabilitation.


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