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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hand Exercise for Surgeons and Dentists

I receive questions regularly from surgeons and dentists who develop hand, wrist & elbow problem as part of daily fine gripping and small ROM activity, as well as circulation problems. They want to know more about Handmaster Plus, as they have heard startling anecdotal stories that have changed the lives of others and saved careers!

A: Thank you for your inquiry about Handmaster Plus hand exercise product. Handmaster Plus will definitely maximize blood flow and help with the conditions in your operating room. That said, Handmaster Plus is recommended for all surgeons and dentists for example. Any situation where intricate tools are handled on a daily basis will lend towards shortening and imbalance of the finger flexor muscles and in turn poor circulation.

Handmaster Plus was designed to remedy this inherent professional problem and allow the user’s finger flexor muscles and finger extensor muscles to remain in proper healthy balance and prepare the user for their profession. Because the hands are strengthened through their full range of motion in both closing and opening the hand, the result is also maximum blood flow to the tissues of the area.

I believe that you will be thrilled with the results of using Handmaster Plus regularly, as we have many excited users that are surgeons and dentists. I'm happy to speak to anyone in your profession to make this knowledge more known, as I believe it should be a central tool for all surgeons, dentists, and anyone assisting that is challenged by the same daily mechanics. Just the same as athletes, we must prepare our bodies for the challenges of our particular profession.

Let me know if I can help in any other way.

To purchase, please visit for more information. We may also be contacted regarding bulk purchase orders.


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