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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tennis Elbow Treatment

We recently received a question about tennis elbow exercise. The issue was regarding exercising during a symptomatic tennis elbow condition or episode.

Q: Hi doczac,
ref tennis elbow vid. The three step exercise with the sqeezeball I find would find very painful - would I not be exercising muscles which have already been over-exercised?

A: Thank you for your question. It is a very important one.

The video that you are referring to about tennis elbow is only an explanation of what tennis elbow is, the symptoms of tennis elbow, and how to prevent tennis elbow. When tennis elbow is active symptomatically, whether acute or chronic, exercise is often not indicated. Exercise in this situation can only be recommended by a Health Care professional upon examination and/or treatment.

I think it is a vital for athletes, musicians, and workers to fully understand the mechanics of tennis elbow into adress the strengthening, balancing and stabilizing of the elbow. If you have an active tennis elbow, please see the video to follow that includes my recommendations for the course of treatment, but also know that carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow are very preventable. The reason I say this is that when the symptoms are gone, people often forget about the importance of proper body preparation for their skill or job. Then they are in the same situation as before and their habits are likely to once again lead to tennis elbow. They haven't adjusted their habits and their training to prevent the cause.

Please refer to the video explaining tennis elbow and how to prevent it occasionally as these exercises are easy to perform in the future when your tennis elbow symptoms are gone. It will also help to maximize performance in any skill that requires hand and finger dexterity, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Please view the following video for my recommendations of proper and complete treatment of an active tennis elbow condition:

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


Read your Article on Tennis Elbow. I agree with you that it is the most increasing injury for the sports person these days and the best way to minimize this problem is Tennis Elbow Treatment Exercises

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