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Monday, November 2, 2009


Why tennis causes tennis elbow

Tennis can indeed cause tennis elbow, but it is only one of many grip activities that can cause tennis elbow. This is the key to why tennis elbow occurs. It is also a key hint as to how the hand and wrist muscles work when we grip, stabilize and use our wrist, whether in sports, music, the workplace, or in everyday activities.

The greater the degree of tension on any mechanical part, the greater risk of injury. In physics, this is a law. In medicine and health care, this is greatly overlooked. Tennis elbow always occurs in situations where an item is gripped and then an action is required by the wrist. This is clearly displayed in tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, racquet sports in general, and other sports. In music, guitar, violin, drums, piano, bass, wind instruments and other string instruments, this is the case. This is also clearly displayed in the many workplace activities such as carpenters, mechanics, computer workers, cashiers, assembly line workers, dentists and dental technicians, etc. All activities mentioned above require grip and wrist action simultaneously. This causes tension at the elbow exacerbated by action at the elbow. In otherwords, grip tenses the elbow, wrist movement adds mechanical load to an already stressed elbow.

To understand this, we must understand the action relating grip to the elbow. Whenever we grip an item, our finger extensor muscles as well as our wrist extensor muscles contract to stabilize the action of the finger flexor muscles. This is how we hold things. The extensor muscles attche at the side (lateral epicondyle) of the elbow (where tennis elbow pain is very localised). Gripping things alone is not the problem. The problem occurs when we move our wrist while gripping things, especially violently or repetitively. When we grip an item and use the wrist violently or repetitively, we isolate the attachments of the muscles involved and risk micro injury or macro injury. Micro injury goes unnoticed until repetitive scarring creates instability; and injury becomes very likely even after a seemingly small trauma or small physical event. Macro injury is an injury that is noticed immediately and is usually the result of previous micro injury.

So how do we remedy tennis elbow? And why do professionals dismiss a cause of tennis elbow in place of focusing on its Treatment? The fact is that the true cause of instability in tennis elbow is not well known. At doczac enterprises, we have analyzed the role of all finger extensor muscles and the wrist extensor muscles as a grip is applied followed by a wrist action. We have identified that these extensor muscle groups are as vital or may even be more vital than the finger flexor muscles. They are as active if not not more active than the finger flexor muscles. Their tendons are as challenged as the tendons of the finger flexor muscles. Therefore, in any grip related activity, both finger flexor muscles and the finger extensor muscles MUST be strengthened properly in order to attain maximum performance and maximum injury prevention. Trainers and therapists, PLEASE STUDY AND COMMUNICATE THIS FACT. IT IS SIMPLE, SUPPOSEDLY WELL-UNDERSTOOD AND YET INGORED. LET'S START PREVENTING THESE NEEDLESS INJURIES!!!

Handmaster Plus is designed to strengthen all of the muscles of the hand in one simple exercise, allowing athletes, musicians, workers and hobbyist to prepare their hand, wrsit forearm and elbow properly for their given activity. Tennis elbow is very preventable through education and activity. Tennis elbow is very common otherwise. The lack of our system to educate patients about tennis elbow is a crime.

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Dr. Terry Zachary


I was suffering from the tennis elbow but get cured by the orthopedic surgeon of seattles. Now i'm absolutely fine and its symptoms did not appeared again since then.

It is important to realize that tennis elbow is caused by a mechanical problem. Something mechanical cause to your original tennis elbow. It is good to hear that your tennis elbow symptoms are gone, but realize that the cause of the tennis elbow has not been addressed. This is a common mistake made by many many patients. Consider strongly to re-strengthen, rebalanced, and are re-establish blood flow in order to fully rehabilitate your tennis elbow conditions. This will correct the original cause and will give you the best chance of preventing reoccurance. Our company developed Handmaster plus to help patients fully recover from tennis elbow.

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