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Friday, August 20, 2010


Why Handmaster Plus for Rehabilitation After Hand Surgery?

I have had the recent question as to what strength of Handmaster Plus to use after hand surgery, and how much resistance there is. It ispired me to write today's blog, because so many people's rehabilitation after a finger, thumb, hand or wrist surgery is lacking, and can lead to poor range of motion and further problems.
I designed the Handmaster Plus 3-pack for this very reason.
Firstly, Handmaster Plus allows the user to not only re-strengthen the flexor muscles and tissues, but also the extensor muscles and tissues. This is soooo vital!! So often I used to see people using a squeeze ball only, the result being adequate flexion restored but no attention to extension. Poor ROM (Range Of Motion) and imbalance is the result. Handmaster Plus addresses FULL, NATURAL ROM'S and thus a maximum potential for recovery!
We designed the Handmaster Plus 3-Pack so that users who are rehabilitating finger, thumb, hand and wrist surgeries can start with the soft strength and progress as necessary.
So readers, if you or someone you know is rehabilitating from a finger, thumb, hand or wrist surgery, it is key to know your options and rehab fully!
Grip only exercises will give you grip only results. Handmaster Plus will address fully recovery for ALL ranges of motion. visit

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