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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Handmaster Plus – A KEY Forearm Strength Exercise

Handmaster Plus strengthens all 18 muscles of the hand. It strengthens the nine muscles that close the hand, like other hand strengtheners, as well as the nine muscles that open the hand unique to Handmaster Plus. So why is it necessary as a forearm strengthener?
Most athletes and musicians and even some therapists are unaware that the extrinsic finger flexor muscle and finger extensor muscle bellies are located in the forearm. Finger flexor muscle bellies are located on the front of the forearm, while finger extensor muscle bellies are located on the back of the forearm. The tendons of these muscle bellies attach at the medial and lateral elbow, and thus are key in the stabilization and strength of the forearm and elbow, a key factor in golfer's and tennis elbow and elbow tendonitis.
Most athletes and musicians and even some therapists neglect to train the finger extensor muscles when they address the forearm and elbow area. Handmaster Plus must be added to wrist flexion and wrist extension exercises in order to properly strengthen and rehabilitate the forearm and elbow.
For more information go to Handmaster Plus hand exerciser

I have posted on your youtube channel as well as sent you a message on youtube. Im waiting for a response. I have purchased 2 of the handmaster plus units. You tell how to do the exercises but you do not say how many times a day or how often you should use the handmaster. How much time recovery time is needed and so on. I hope that when you get my message and view my video you can answer these questions.

Handmaster Plus suggested repetitions are included in the instructions and are 1-3 repetitions per day each rep to comfortable fatigue only.
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