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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tennis Elbow Explained

Tennis elbow exercises are vital as part of a complete tennis elbow treatment protocol. These exercises must include hand, wrist, finger and forearm exercises. It is often the case that therapists and health care professionals omit hand and finger exercises, making it impossible to completely rehabilitate the lateral elbow or indeed balance the elbow (medial to lateral).

Handmaster Plus was developed over 10 years ago due directly to a tennis elbow case in a professional golfer friend of mine. When taking the history, he mentioned that he strengthened his hands regularity by squeezing a racquetball. This is a common mistake I have seen in many athletes, musicians, workers and even hobbyists. It is what motivated me to begin to develop Handmaster Plus. Hand exercise that is 'grip- only' creates imbalance in the long term. The reason is that 'grip-only' actions cause the finger extensor muscles to fire statically as opposed to through a full range of motion. The result is a stagnant, shortened muscle group that is easy to injure. Remember that 2 of the 5 lateral epicondyle tendons are from finger extensor muscles.

My friend started with a prototype of Handmaster Plus that allowed him to strengthen the finger extensor muscles, two of which attaches to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, via the common extensor tendon of the lateral forearm. This is the tendon group that is injured in lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow.
My friend's tennis elbow disappeared within weeks and he has been exercising properly ever since with no reoccurence. Proper training makes tennis elbow risk very low even in grip activities.

This is motivated me to push and educate the public to be aware of the importance of the hand opening muscles, as weakness and imbalance are huge core factors in many hand, wrist, forearm and elbow conditions, tennis elbow being one of the main examples.

Visit: Tennis Elbow Exercises for more information or see my "Tennis Elbow Cause Explained video

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