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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hank Haney Pitching 'Grip-Only' Hand Exercise Device

Another famous golf teacher is preaching the use of a 'grip only' hand strengthener. Hank Haney is pitching the use of spring loaded device that, used alone, pays no attention to the standard anatomy and function of the muscles of the hand, wrist forearm & elbow in the golf grip. This has been going on since I was a kid where teachers were unknowingly preaching this limited if not dangerous way of training for golf fitness. The number 1 injury in golf is wrist and elbow based and definitely fits with classic hand muscle imbalance - that being finger flexor muscles dominating finger extensor muscle balance.
So many famous injuries (Ken Venturi carpal tunnel syndrome) have tipped us off about the dangers of repetitive gripping, yet the golf market remains in a vacuum in addressing muscle balance in training this area. We have worked with amateur and professional golfers for years with great feedback, but golf is a tough market to educate. Archaic beliefs run deeply as is demonstrated by Hank Haney. We need Hank to seriously study this area, understand the anatomy and rethink his endorsement before another generation of golfers experience unknown hand, wrist & elbow golf injuries.
For a review of hand muscles balance and a presentation of ACTUAL golf grip muscle firing patterns see our golf grip strength explained video.
For more information on grip strength and balance visit our grip strength training website

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