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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Rock Climbing Hand and Finger Grip Strength Technique by Metolius

I recently received a question from a rock climber asking if we have done any research on grip and hand muscle balance speficic to rock climbing.
We have long preached our hand exercise for rock climbers and were welcomed with open arms by Metolius Climbing to bring it to the rock climbing market. Decorated climber Jim Karn saw the mechanical necesity immediately and we have been in the rock climbing market ever since - with Metolius Gripsaver Plus. Now proper balanced grip strength and hand exercise if available to all rock climbers around the world at an affordable price. Metolius are ground breakers in the rock climbing and grip training arenas. Below is our You Tube video link explaining hand muscle strengthening and firing patterns: rock climbing finger strengthener video.
Here is a link to the most modern hand strengthener for climbing


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