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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Tennis Elbow Treatment & Exercises for Music, Sports & Workplace Ergonomics

Today again finds me bombarded with questions about tennis elbow treatment & exercise.
The first is from a good high school friend of mine who has acquired tennis elbow, presumably after golfing. This is one of the most important things I can tell you about tennis elbow: tennis elbow is the manifestation of numerous activities (that cause the core of muscle imbalance), the endpoint action usually being the straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak. Because this is one of my best buddies from high school, a friend I played a lot of golf with personally, I can tell you that is my strong belief that golf mechanics play a part in the eventual acute manifestation of his tennis elbow condition. But this particular friend of mine is also a very busy elite professional that works on the computer, has works with his hands writing, and is involved in other grip sport activities. What I am saying is that all of our habits, no matter what profession, job or interests are part of your daily activity require the ‘gripping and grasping’ muscles of the hand and never the ‘opening’ muscles of the hand. The result is that most people have a rather advanced hand muscle imbalance condition that waits silently for a stressful enough event that brings on tennis elbow or another repetition type injury.
The hand muscles attach at the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist (carpal tunnel), forearm and elbow – the front of which are made up of the flexor muscles (the 9 muscles that close the hand) & the back of which are made up of the extensor muscles (the 9 muscles that open the hand) – and are therefore at the core of most hand, wrist and elbow stability.
I cannot stress enough that we PREACH the use of Handmaster Plus hand exerciser for EVERYONE as a complement to your health, productivity and performance, especially if you are involved in grip activities including computers, smart phones, sports, music, hobby and workplace ergonomics. Yes, this sounds like a dramatic statement, but it comes from seeing so many hand muscle imbalance injuries. The hands in this case are very similar to the lower back, where the majority of people in society are involved in activities where the lower back is 'flexed' forward, but rarely do we extend the back to perform daily activities. The result is the blanket need for people to stretch their hip flexors and strengthen their back muscles. It is just simply necessary to maintain balance in our flexion-based world of activity. And the same is true of the mechanics of the hand.
So I have recommended strongly to my friend (and I will recommend strongly to my readers) to consult with a healthcare professional and if it is safe, begin hand and wrist muscle exercises immediately in order to offset chronic repetitive gripping muscle imbalance. Handmaster Plus hand exerciser is so easy to use, it is cost-effective, and it strengthens all 18 hand muscles through their full range of motion in ONE continuous exercise. There are just simply no excuses for not keeping your hands healthy, stable and balanced once you've read this information. Handmaster Plus three packs can be ordered online for about $30 (delivered) and be at your door in the US in less than a week.
Handmaster Plus hand exerciser site

A few minutes a day will change your fingers, thumbs, hands, wrists, forearms and elbows. The risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, DeQuervain's tenosynovitis, Dupuytren's contracture, arthritis and tendinitis will be hugely minimized. And most of all, your stability for any task that involves the hand wrist and elbow will be maximized.

Another question about tennis elbow was received from a guitar player who had been playing for many many years and had just now acquired a tennis elbow condition. Upon a visit to the doctor, his options were listed as a cortisone shot or balanced exercise using Handmaster Plus. When tennis elbow is acute and thus is an inflamed situation, a healthcare professional only can advise exercise. There are other forms of treatment for tennis elbow which involved corrective joint adjustment, specific soft tissue therapy and stretching. Regardless of the treatment protocol Handmaster Plus must be used to rebalance, re-strengthen and reestablish blood flow to the hand wrist and elbow. To follow is my answer to the guitarist regarding his development of tennis elbow:

A: Your story is common & is one of my main motivations for Handmaster Plus hand exerciser. Repetitive gripping activities (guitar being huge!!!) create imbalance between the flexor (closing muscles) of the hand and wrist & the extensors (opening). The problem is that it it is subtle symptom-wise at the start. At this early point people may notice fatigue only. But as the imbalance becomes chronic, it can be debilitating (hand, carpal tunnel, wrist & elbow) & that's when the musician or athlete or worker realizes there is a problem. We PREACH that anyone that is involved in grip activities START using Handmaster Plus immediately. Remember when all 18 hand muscles are strong & balanced, health & performance at the hand, wrist & elbow is maximum.


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