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Monday, July 8, 2013


PGA John Daly Out of British Open with Elbow Injury

Another day another elbow injury on the PGA tour. And it is a star again, John Daly. He draws fans. I'll keep on talking and talking until the powers that be on the PGA Tour therapy area start to listen. As well as leading golf fitness gurus. The stabilizer muscles of the hand are the 9 hand opening muscles. If they are not trained properly, the player suffers and is open to injury. They contract each time a player hits a shot or lifts a dumbell or kettlebell. But they contract in ONE STATIC POSITION. They must be trained through their full ROM or a golfer can never expect muscle balance at the fingers, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel or elbow. But elbows and wrists are most at risk.
Not to beat a dead horse, but repetitive grip imbalances are costing the golf fan a chance to see great players and they're costing the players a chance to play their best a have their best experiences. I highly doubt John Daly is very excited about missing the open at Muirfield. But again I stress it won't be the last injury to the elbow and wrist because of SIMPLE MUSCLE IMBALANCE. No other area of the body would be trained this poorly, yet somehow golf fitness professionals and leaders keep on ignoring the problem.
I have worked on this imbalance for 20 years back originally using balls and elastic bands. Four separate exercises and most often the athlete would not have time or the memory to be able to do them.
Once I developed Handmaster Plus, there is no excuse. One easy exercise strengthens the 9 muscles that open the hand and the 9 muscles that open the hand. Our PGA players that are using Handmaster Plus are highly unlikely to be part of one of these stories because they are too balanced in the hand, wrist & elbow to be hurt even by unforeseen roots and stones like Daly.
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