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Monday, February 6, 2012


Hand Strengthening Exercise as Treatment for an Active Tennis Elbow

Q: recently I received a common question that I am asked about - an active extremity condition and whether it should be treated using Handmaster Plus as a hand strengthening exercise treatment. This particular question was about tennis elbow, but I commonly get asked questions of the same nature about carpal tunnel syndrome, extensor tendinitis, golfers elbow, and DeQuervain's tenosynovitis. Because of this day and age of the Internet and such vast information exchange, we can never advise the user to ‘treat’ their condition with an exercise. The reason is that only a skilled health care professional can assess whether it is the right time to challenge the tissues with rehabilitative exercise. Muscle, tendons, ligaments and/or joint surfaces may be too instable for such challenge. The result could be aggravation of the condition causing further to complicate the condition and its correction. It is highly recommended that individuals with hand, wrist forearm or elbow problems consult a healthcare professional that is educated and skilled in diagnosing and treating extremity conditions. By default, my recommendation is to locate an ART ( or Graston technique ( practitioner as they are consistently the most well-versed in diagnosing and treating extremity injuries such as tennis elbow.

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To follow is the response that was sent to the individual.

A: Thanks for your question; is a very important one. If the tennis elbow condition has already developed, we must recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional. This is standard protocol because we cannot advise treatment without examination, as this would be an irresponsible suggestion. Handmaster Plus is used in the rehabilitation aspect of treatment. Again, because tennis elbow at its core usually involves hand and wrist muscle imbalance is vital that these muscles be strengthened and rebalanced, as well as be maintained, so that the condition does not continue to recur. Most of our education involves prevention, because changing poor understanding of grip related activities and how they affect the hand, wrist and elbow is what we are passionate about. That said, when I originally developed Handmaster Plus it was to complement treatment as a rehabilitative tool.

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