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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hand Exercises & Grip Strength Training for Boxers

I recently had this common question from a boxer:
Will this help me strengthening my grip in boxing because you need strong grip to protect your wrist and have a solid punch

Handmaster Plus is vital for all boxers and combat sports for 2 reasons. 1) It maximizes ALL 18 hand muscles (key for strength and balance) AND 2) it stimulates maximum blood flow and lymphatic drainage (because it is a full ROM (hand is both fully opened and closed against resistance) exercise), which is absolutely key for repair of all tissues. 

Let's look at the first function. Nine muscles close the hand and nine muscles equally open the hand. For boxers to have the most strength and stability of all the hand, finger, thumb and wrist joints these muscles must not only be strong, they must be in balance. Only then will the boxer be able to best withstand the wear and tear of sparring, performing and training. Training requires so much repetitive gripping (of dumbbells, barbells, etc. meaning the finger extensor muscles are trained in a weak static position. The result can be repetitive grip injuries.

In the second function, circulation is key for the boxer as a repair cool. Because Handmaster Plus allows the boxer to easily strengthen and train their hand through a full opening and closing motion, all tissues will receive maximum blood flow and maximum lymphatic drainage, both necessary for maximum repair over the career of a boxer. Without maximum blood flow and lymph drainage tissues do not repair effectively. Bloodflow brings nutrients and oxygen to the tissue site, and lymph drainage takes toxins and waste products away from the site. Both are key and both are stimulated by full range of motion exercise.

Boxers can purchase Handmaster plus by clicking this hand exercise link or can contact us at for more information.

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